Cheruku Rasalu

The Cheruku Rasam Mango is a favorite fruit for Indians. There are many mango types. Cheruku Rasam Mango is a popular variety from the coastal region of south India. Cheruku Rasam Mango is the king of tropical fruit. The ripen fruit of Cheruku Rasam Mango is very tasty.

Category: Mango

Product Description

This is the most popular juice mango from Andhra Pradesh. This mango is extremely sweet and juicy when ripe. When it is ripe, it needs to be immediately consumed. Most people extract the juice and freeze it for the times when there is no mango. Frozen rasalu juice is a popular delicacy at celebrations and weddings. Its peak season is from mid-May to mid-June.

Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, which supports strong neurological function, collagen formation, immune function, and wound healing.

They also contribute to gum and tooth health, and help your body absorb iron better.

They also contain high levels of vitamin A, which help your vision, support your immune system, maintain healthy skin and bones.

For expectant mothers, the health benefits of mango during pregnancy are particularly important. Mangoes contain high levels of folate, which may help reduce the chances of spinal cord and brain defects at birth. They also contain vitamin B6, which has been found to help fight depression.